Aspen heights Student Housing at Syracuse

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Aspen Heights at Syracuse

Aspen Heights at Syracuse Student Housing

Aspen Heights Student Housing is positioned on a hillside, which provides a dramatic vista. Then the buildings are oriented to maximize open space and reinforce the strong views.  Additionally the buildings are also arranged to take full advantage of the site topography and allow for access to parking that is provided under the buildings. The site offered several challenges including a water easement that went right thru a critical part of the site. Another challenge was that the best location for the clubhouse was also where there was the most amount of grade change.  The solution was to place an elevator in the clubhouse in just the right location to create a very iconic architectural feature that also connected the arrival experience with the major social and functional clubhouse spaces. This student housing community contains 166 apartments and 490 beds.



Project Facts

  • Units: 166
  • Site Area: 16.49 acres
  • Density: 10.1 u/a