Brand Purpose

Impacting Lives Together

Continually refining the purpose of a 40-year-old company isn’t easy, but it is necessary. We collaborate to create a better life for those in our community. We seek fulfillment, inspiration, and empowerment for others. We support families, both inside our company and those who call our projects home. We have come to realize that all of these goals and aspirations can be expressed in these three words: Impacting Lives Together.

Our Core Values

Strive for Excellence //

Continuously improving our process through goal setting and accomplishment evaluation.

Passionate //

Bringing ideas to life by designing with emotions and inspiration. 


Empowering //

Nurturing confidence by developing awareness, acuity, and acumen.

Collaborative //

Cooperatively problem solving to develop solutions that would otherwise be unimaginable.

Integrity //

Maintaining trust through benevolence, ability, and consistency.

Blue Sky Vision

We did the math and discovered that between all of our consultants, managers, clients, employees, stakeholders, and residents, we have positively impacted over one million lives since our foundation in 1981.

Our new goal is to positively impact two million lives by 2025.