One Less Car, One More Park is a series of events that highlights the positive impact of parks and green spaces and the use of transportation alternatives to the car. CBA was a participating company in the 2015 event, where we temporarily transformed on-street metered parking spaces into re-imagined parks and green areas to show the positive impact of leaving vehicles at home and walking, biking, carpooling, or using public transit to commute.

The events grew from the Green Works Orlando initiative, as the City of Orlando works to become one of the most sustainable cities in America, ensuring that we protect our natural resources and amenities for residents and future generations to come.

Key to this initiative is finding ways to redesign and transform our urban environment to connect our neighborhoods by providing shaded, interconnected pedestrian and bicycle corridors and more parks and green public spaces to provide gathering spaces for recreation and social activity. Not only do alternate travel modes reduce the need to use land for parking, but they also save residents money and reduce congestion and pollution.

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