Black Architects in the Making (BAM) was developed in 2016 by a group of motivated Black architects from MCHarry Associates, through the Miami Center for Architecture and Design (MCAD). BAM’s mission is simple: enhance students’ awareness about architecture by sharing their journeys to becoming architects, using inspiring stories, and hosting creative workshops.

Teaching students at Richmond Heights how to use SketchUp, courtesy BAM Miami.
Art appreciation at the de la Cruz Collection, courtesy BAM Miami.

Though over 13% of Americans identify as Black, less than 2% of registered architects identify as Black, and only 0.4% are black women. It is important to note that while BAM’s primary focus is to reach African-American students, it is an equal opportunity program and as such all students regardless of race and ethnicity are welcome to participate.

One of BAM’s goals is establishing satellite programs in the State of Florida and then through the United States. BAM Orlando was the first new chapter formed, led by Malcolm Jones and a team of motivated leaders in the community. BAM Orlando has hosted several episodes of their series INSIDE VOICES | BLACK THOUGHTS, discussing different aspects of the architectural field from the perspective of people of color, featuring a variety of distinguished professional guest speakers. They are also developing an educational workshop program to help encourage young Black students in Central Florida to consider architecture as a career. We at CBA have been proud to support BAM Orlando’s efforts, and we look forward to a long, meaningful partnership.

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