Charlan Brock Architects Embarks on a New Era

MAITLAND, FL, April 13, 2023 CBA Transitions to Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) While Elevating the Multi-Family Market.

Today marks a momentous milestone for Charlan Brock Architects (CBA) as the firm announces its 100% employee ownership through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). This exciting transition is set to bring unparalleled value to the multi-family market.

Established in 1981 by Butch Charlan, AIA, and Gary Brock, AIA, as Charlan Brock & Associates, CBA has grown into a pioneering architectural firm, positively impacting over a million lives throughout its 40-plus years in business.

CBA is an innovative, philosophy-driven architecture firm with a focus on a diverse range of housing types, particularly multi-family housing, and expertise in urban development and master planning. Internationally acclaimed for their marketable, buildable, and financially viable design solutions, CBA is dedicated to upholding its core values of excellence, passion, empowerment, collaboration, and integrity. These values, along with the brand purpose, “Impacting Lives Together,” form the foundation of the company’s mission to bring each project’s vision to life in a creative, engaging environment.

Photo Attached: Charlan Brock Architects’ Leadership group.

Co-Founder and Director Emeritus Butch Charlan, AIA, expresses his immense pride in CBA’s success, stating, “I am confident that our transition to an ESOP will secure CBA’s success for many years to come.” Gary Brock, AIA, Co-Founder and Director Emeritus, adds, “This is a milestone achievement for our company. We are eager to begin this new chapter, continuing to deliver excellence to our clients, community, and employees.”

Doug Anderson, CEO, and Principal emphasizes the positive impact of the ESOP on the multi-family market: “In a time when employees are seeking more meaning and purpose in their work, offering firm ownership will help us attract and retain the industry’s top talent. The ESOP empowers our team members to share in the rewards of their hard work and dedication, driving our company’s success and elevating the value we bring to the architectural community.”

Charlan Brock Architects is an architectural firm that meets the changing needs of the broad multi-family, housing, and lifestyle center development industries. CBA has become the go-to firm for integrating housing of all typologies across the market spectrum, creatively designing financially successful products that are marketable and buildable. The company stays on top of emerging trends, applying experience and knowledge in their consistent pursuit of excellence and innovation. CBA’s process is highly collaborative, developing close relationships with clients and outside consultants before, during, and after construction. For more information, visit


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