cba architects

Orlando Business Journal named CBA Architects in the Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies in Orlando 2017, as well as, Top 10 Largest Architectural in Central Florida and BEST PLACES TO WORK!

Charlan · Brock · Association | Architects · Planners (CBA Architects) is a full-service architectural firm founded by Butch Charlan and Gary Brock in 1981. In 2012, Doug Anderson and Mary Moltzan, Senior Associates and longtime key members of the CBA team, were elevated to Partners.

Our Mission at CBA Architects is to assist our clients in fulfilling their vision in a collaborative, empowering environment.

Our Philosophy is to create an empowering process and experience that maximizes the effectiveness of every member of the team and helps our clients, employees, and consultants maintain a clear vision and create solutions that exceed their own expectations.

Charlan · Brock · Associates will always strive to maximize the access to technical expertise, creativity, and professionalism. We will always remain flexible and nimble so that we can respond to constant change in the world around us.

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