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Aero on 24th

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A walkable, intelligently designed student living community that truly feels like home.

Aero on 24th is a student living project with 176 units and 550 bedrooms located near the University of Florida. The design team approached the new off-campus apartment community with modern expectations of health, safety, and life balance in mind.

To begin with, the site was planned to optimize land use, with elegantly designed spaces to prevent wasted resources. Walkability is one of Gainesville’s crucial requirements, so an abundance of sidewalks and pathways create a network of connectivity that links the project with the surrounding area. Furthermore, plenty of dedicated bike and scooter parking reinforce the commitment to alternate forms of transportation.

The architecture draws inspiration from white farmhouse brick and detailed siding, with a strong emphasis on creating stylish, timeless buildings. Careful attention was paid to the textural design of spaces both inside and out, blending natural and built materials like brick, wood, and rock with modern design features. The attractive living spaces and interiors create a community that students truly want to live in.

To facilitate a life of enrichment, striking the proper balance of academic, social, and relaxation needs was a high priority. Ample study spaces range from quiet spots for individuals to larger areas for groups, and are mixed with a technology café and communal locations for engagement. The club is home to a finely curated mix of modern conveniences, with leisure activities like gaming and entertainment, and a comprehensive health and well-being suite featuring fitness, cardio, yoga, and pilates. Outside, the resort-style pool, tanning deck, cabanas, and recreation areas encourage residents to recharge their batteries in style.

As environmental responsibility continues to gain importance in today’s development industry, large trees on the site were preserved and integrated into the site planning, providing ample shade and natural character to outdoor spaces.

Aero on 24th is a true reinterpretation of student lifestyle developed with urban design principles. The beautiful community is a blending of green spaces, lively social areas, and easily traversable walkways. Sustainability and resource efficiency were reinforced throughout the project’s evolution. Finally, with so many of the residents’ needs at their fingertips, Aero promotes a superior quality of life and successfully strengthens the surrounding neighborhood.

Project Info

Density: 27.6
Project Status: Completed less than 5 years ago
Acres: 6.37
Units: 176
  • 1 Bedroom % 14.8
  • 2 Bedroom %: 21.6
  • 4+ Bedroom %: 63.6
Parking Spaces: 604
Project Number: 4064.18
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