North Lake Park

Garden Apartment

NorthLake Park

NorthLake Park Garden Apartment

Situated at the entrance to the community of North Lake Park, this development of 165 apartments had to set the tone for an expanse of mostly traditional single family homes. For the apartment portion, the developer needed to obtain a density of 20 units per acre, within a three story height limitation. The solution was to create modules comprising a pair of townhomes above a single flat, which shared the first floor with garages opening to a back alley. Each module had the appearance of an ample but single townhome, so that a 15 unit building looked like a row of 5 town homes. 82 percent of the units have direct garage access, and parking lots are minimized, with many of the required spaces accomplish with parallel parking along the streets.


Project Facts

  • Units: 165
  • Site Area: 7.54 acres
  • Density: 21.9 u/a