The Courtney at Bay Pines

Garden Apartment

The Courtney at Lake Shadow

The Courtney at Lake Shadow Garden Apartment

The Courtney at Lake Shadow is a four story apartment community that had a few site challenges. First the City of Maitland required that the design solution place architecture as close as possible, along a fairly busy street, that it fronted. This was actually not an ideal view orientation for the residence that would be in those buildings, but did make sense from a community perspective, because it reinforced a more walkable pedestrian pattern.  The solution was to place two unit,  3 story carriage homes in this challenging location. the carriage homes were integrated into the parking fields so that from the street the parking lots could not be seen and the street frontage was virtually all architecture. Out of 244 apartments, only 14 apartments were adjacent to the street, but the architectural massing and scale accomplished the city's goals.  Secondly, because of  the need to reach about 24 units to the acre and not get into structured parking, there was no room for surface retention, so all detention, retention was handled with ex-filtration fields placed under the parking lots. A reasonably cost effective system was found that provided great value, because of the increased density that was achieved.



Project Facts

  • Units: 244
  • Site Area: 12.2 acres
  • Density: 20.0 u/a