Buckley Annex

Mixed Use

Buckley Annex

Buckley Annex Mixed Use

Through a collaborative process, Charlan and Brock Associates and our client teamed together to offer the land developer a design solution for a large parcel of property, identified as Track A of the Buckley Annex. The master plan for this redevelopment called for this 5 acre parcel to contain a limited amount of retail and just under 300 urban apartments. Two sides of the property abutted active streets that could not contain parallel parking. One side of the site needed to transition to single family homes. The last side of the parcel fronted a passive community park. It was determined that the best design solution was to create a podium structure with one level of parking at grade.  This solution provided 4,500 square feet of retail, virtually all of the required parking and nine townhomes, that buffered the single family residence, adjacent to the site. Above the parking, the solution provided 4-stories of apartments that oriented to gardens and courtyards.


Project Facts

  • Units: 284
  • Site Area: 5 acres
  • Density: 56.8 u/a